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 XB-2058 1D Image Barcode Scanner  XB-2058 1D Image Barcode Scanner
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Product detailsPlug and Play Barcode Scanner for Retail StoreSyble is a professional Barcode Scanner Supplier located in Guangzhou ,with experienced h..
 XB-3060, 1D Omnidirectional Scanner  XB-3060, 1D Omnidirectional Scanner
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XB-3060 is one of our omnidirectional scanners with compact size and excellent design, whichcould read the barcode in any direction and suitable for c..
 XB-7126 Industrial 2D mini portable Barcode Scanner with 2m Cable
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Product Details :Fixed mount 2D Barcode Scanner KioskThe Syble XB-7126 Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Scanner ,is a brand new developed product with high perf..
AK-9000 Handheld And Hands-Free 2D Barcode ScannerIn various large supermarkets and chain supermarkets, a variety of larger products are an impor..
AK-9208 2D Barcode Scanner
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AK-9208 2D Barcode Scanner Light Sources SXGA-W(Width1280*high1024) Ratio(5:4) Scan Range 10-250mm(EAN 13 13mil, PCD=90%) System co..
Syble XB-2055 Laser Barcode Scanner
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Industrial 1D Laser Barcode Scanner with 2m Cable (Top sellingModel)1. Hanheld without stand, manually scanning2. Hands-free with stand, auto-sensing ..
Syble XB-2108 1D Image Laser Barcode Scanner
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The Syble XB-2108 is Plug and Play Barcode Scanner ,also it is our NO.1 selling product since our factory founded in 2013 ,the total sale quantity of ..
Syble XB-6208RB 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
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Features● New decoding chip to interpret various 1D codes/QR codes● USB Bluetooth receiver, plug and play, simple setup, fast use● Wireless transmissi..
Syble XB-6266MBT  2D Wireless Barcode Scanner Syble XB-6266MBT  2D Wireless Barcode Scanner
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2D Wireless Barcode Scanner 2.4G Bluetooth USB Wireless Barcode Reader QR CodeXB-6266MBT is a hot-selling model of wireless Barcode Scanner ..
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